Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hitachi DB3DL is a Great little tool! Well built, comfy, light, powerful

Hitachi DB3DL is imilar to the panasonic/milwaukee 3.6v driver but better. It is a little bigger but not much, grips better due to the nice rubber nubs in the grip, has an LED that can be turned on or off, and a nice size forward and reverse thumb switch. It has a quick release chuck that holds the bit unlike the others I mentioned, so your bits don't fall out. I own the milwaukee also, so I know of which I speak. Full range clutch that can even do light drilling. Comes with a nice charger and TWO batteries. Again, beats the others in overall value and features. Well built and ergonomically excellent. Also comes with a nice little case, again the others don't. Great deal on a great tool. You'll find yourself using this on every project that requires screws, nut drivers or small drill bits.

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